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Daughter of the Blues
Shirley King
Shirley King
Shirley King and B. B. King
Shirley King and her famous father.
"I grew up around the stage watching my dad become famous, but I never imagined I'd become a blues singer too," says Shirley King, daughter of blues guitar legend B. B. King.   Despite singing in the church choir from the age of 9 and hanging around top blues vocalists like Etta James, Ruth Brown, and Mahalia Jackson, Shirley didn't start singing the blues until 1990.  Her first album came out in 1992.  As her bio on her agent's website puts it, "She admits that having a legendary father helped her get through doors, but it was her talent, charisma and high-energy stage presence that got her invited back." Her MySpace page lists her influences as "You know who and Etta James."

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