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Elvis Costello & Ross MacManus
Elvis Costello's 1996 album, "In the Park After Dark"
Elvis's Dad, Ross MacManus (inset), on the cover of "Elvis's Dad Sings Elvis"
Singer/songwriter Elvis Costello is the son of Ross MacManus, an English singer/songwriter and trumpet player. MacManus had sometimes performed under the stage name Day Costello, and Elvis has stated that he took the stage name Costello as a tribute to his father. In 1973, MacManus wrote and sang "Secret Lemonade Drinker" for a popular (and award-winning) lemonade TV commercial. His son sang backup and played drums on the track, making it his first recording to be broadcast. MacManus later played the trumpet on several tracks from Costello's albums Out of Our Idiot (1987) and Mighty Like a Rose (1991). In 1972, several years before Elvis chose his stage name, MacManus recorded an album of Elvis Presley cover songs. That album was re-released in 2008 under the name Elvis' Dad Sings Elvis

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