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Rob Thomas & Marisol Maldonado Thomas
Rob Thomas's second solo effort, "Cradlesong," was released in 2009. His wife Marisol was the muse (and backup singer and producer) for the track "Her Diamonds."
Matchbox Twenty ("Back 2 Good", "Bent," "If You're Gone") lead singer Rob Thomas's wife, model Marisol Maldonado Thomas, appeared in the band's 2005 music video of the song "Ever the Same." Before that, she appeared in the Carlos Santana video for 1999's smash hit "Smooth," in which her husband sings lead vocals. She also produced and appeared in a 2007 documentary about her husband called My Secret Record. In 2009, Rob announced that his single "Her Diamonds," off the album Cradlesong, was written about Marisol's auto-immune disease. She also sang backup vocals on the track and helped produce it. 

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