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Derek Dooley & Dad
Derek Dooley
Derek Dooley

In January 2010, Derek Dooley took over as head football coach for the University of Tennessee Volunteers. Dooley is the son of Vince Dooley, legendary coach at the University of Georgia from 1964 to 1988. Under the elder Dooley, the Bulldogs won six conference titles and a national championship. Derek began his coaching career as an assistant coach under his dad. So did his uncle, Bill Dooley, before going on to his own successful coaching career at the University of North Carolina, Virginia Tech, and Wake Forest. In the 1971 Gator Bowl, the two brothers found themselves on opposing sidelines.

Derek took over at UT from Lane Kiffin, who is also the son of a famous coach. Click here for more on The Coaches Kiffin.

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