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The Gilberts
Melissa Gilbert on "Little House on the Prairie."
Melissa's brother Jonathan Gilbert appeared with her on "Little House on the Prairie."
Melissa and Jonathan's half-sister Sara Gilbert on "The Talk."

Sara Gilbert ("Darlene Conner" on Roseanne, 1992's Poison Ivy), host of TV's The Talk, is the younger half-sister of Melissa Gilbert, best known for playing middle daughter "Laura Ingalls" on television's Little House on the Prairie. Melissa's brother Jonathan Gilbert played "Willie" on that series.

Melissa and Jonathan were both adopted by Barbara Cowan and her first husband, actor Paul Gilbert. Though Paul divorced Barbara and then died in 1975, he remained active in the children's lives. Sara, who has had recurring roles in series such as ER, Twins, 24, and The Big Bang Theory, changed her last name to Gilbert when she decided to pursue acting. 

Barbara worked as either an associate producer or production executive for several TV movies starring Melissa, including The Miracle Worker (1979), The Diary of Anne Frank (1980), Splendor in the Grass (1981), Choices of the Heart (1983), Family Secrets (1984), and Without Her Consent (1990). Jonathan also appeared in The Miracle Worker

Barbara's father, Harry Crane, got his start as a stand-up comedian. He later became a successful TV and movie screenwriter, with a career spanning over fifty years. 

Sara, Melissa, and Jonathan's stepsister from Barbara's marriage to movie publicist Warren Cowan, Claudia Cowan, appeared in the 1984 film Lovelines, and is a TV news reporter for FOX. 

Melissa's son with Bo Brinkman, Dakota Brinkman, appeared in his father's film Laws of Deception (1997) and his mother's film Safe Harbour (2007). 

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