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The Dillon Family
Kevin Dillon's brother Matt Dillon in 2004's "Crash."
Matt Dillon's brother Kevin Dillon on HBO's "Entourage."

Emmy-nominated actor Kevin Dillon (TV's That's Life, 2006's Poseidon, 2009's Hotel for Dogs)  is the younger brother of actor Matt Dillon (1983's Rumble Fish and The Outsiders, 1998's There's Something About Mary, 2004's Crash, 2006's You, Me, and Dupree). 

Kevin first received wide attention for his role as "Bunny" in the 1986 film Platoon. Kevin then played the role of "Johnny 'Drama' Chase" on the HBO series Entourage, in which his character is an actor riding the coattails of his more successful actor brother.

Matt and Kevin's brother Paul Dillon appeared in 1987's Kiss Daddy Goodnight, followed by 1988's The Beat and Spike of Bensonhurst

Kevin's daughter Amy Dillon had a role in his 2000 film Interstate 84

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