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The Fonda Family
Peter Fonda's daughter, Bridget Fonda, with Nicolas Cage in "It Could Happen to You."
Henry Fonda's son, Peter Fonda, in "Easy Rider."
Henry Fonda's daughter, Jane Fonda, in 2005's "Monster-in-Law."

Screen legend Henry Fonda (The Grapes of Wrath, Mister Roberts, Twelve Angry Men) was the father of Peter Fonda (Easy Rider, 3:10 to Yuma, Wild Hogs, Ghost Rider) and Jane Fonda (Barbarella, Klute, The China Syndrome, Monster-in-Law).

Peter Fonda is the father of actress Bridget Fonda (Single White Female, It Could Happen To You, Jackie BrownThe Godfather: Part III) and Justin Fonda. Bridget and Justin's mother is Susan Brewer, whose single acting credit was an uncredited appearance as "Woman in Commune" in Peter's film Easy Rider in 1969. Justin and Bridget's first onscreen appearances were each as "Child in Commune" in the film. Justin also appeared as "Airline Attendant" in 2000's Big Eden. He has also worked in the camera and electrical department for films like A River Runs Through It (1992). 

Already a star thanks to movies like 1965's Cat Ballou and 1967's Barefoot in the Park, Jane turned down starring roles in two blockbusters, Bonnie & Clyde and Rosemary's Baby, in order to appear in 1968's Barbarella, a decision she later regretted. The reason for this poor choice of roles? The director of Barbarella was her then-husband, French director Roger Vadim.

Jane is the mother of actor Troy Garity. Troy had his first on-screen appearance (a non-speaking role) as a small boy in On Golden Pond with his mother and grandfather. He has appeared in about two dozen movies and is best known for playing "Isaac Rosenberg" in the Barbershop movies.

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