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The Hogans
Nick, Linda, Hulk, & Brooke Hogan
Nick, Linda, Hulk, & Brooke Hogan
Professional wrestler Hulk Hogan entered the reality TV sweepstakes in 2005 with his The Osbornes rip-off Hogan Knows Best. The show brought publicity to his daughter Brooke Hogan, far right, an aspiring pop singer whose 2004 debut single "Everything to Me" had stalled at #97 on the charts. The show helped a bit, as her 2006 follow-up "About Us" rose all the way to #33. Unfortunately, her three attempts since then have gone nowhere, and she became known more for her looks than for any actual talent. And what does one do when one has no actual talent? Why, they go on reality TV, of course! Brooke currently stars on the cleverly titled Brooke Knows Best.

Sunday, February 15, 2009 1:26 pm
Disgusting example of nepotism. Makes me feel all creepy crawly.
Submitted by: Cathy