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Luke & Tim Russert
Luke Russert (left) & Tim Russert (right)
Luke Russert (left) & Tim Russert (right)
The world mourned the sudden loss of newsman Tim Russert in June 2008 at the age of 58, but his genial-yet-firm journalistic approach may live on in his son, Luke Russert. Since 2006, while Luke was still attending Boston College, he has co-hosted the XM Satellite Radio show 60/20 Sports with political gadfly James Carville. He was then tapped by his dad's former network, NBC, to cover the 2008 presidential conventions from the prospective of youth issues. According to the Associated Press, Russert realizes some might say it was only his name that got him the job. But he's ready for the challenge and plans to work hard.

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