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Tom Cruise's Clan
Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise in "Mission Impossible: III"
Tom's son Connor Cruise in "Seven Pounds"
Tom's son Connor Cruise in "Seven Pounds"
Tom's cousin William Mapother on TV's "Lost"
Tom's cousin William Mapother on TV's "Lost"

Actor Tom Cruise's (Top Gun, Collateral, Mission:Impossible films, Born on the Fourth of July) adopted son with ex-wife Nicole Kidman, Connor Cruise, made his big-screen debut at age 13 in the 2008 Will Smith film Seven Pounds. Connor also acted in 2012's Red Dawn. Tom's older sister, Lee Anne De Vette, has worked as his assistant as well as for his production company Cruise/Wagner Productions. She was also his assistant on the 2002 set of Minority Report. Tom and his third wife Katie Holmes are close friends with Will Smith's family. Tom's cousin William Mapother is an actor (TV's Lost) who has had small roles in his cousin's films such as Mission: Impossible II, Born on the Fourth of July, Magnolia, and Vanilla Sky. Tom's cousin (and William's sister) Amy Mapother is a character actress. Another of William's sisters (and Tom's cousins), Katherine Mapother, is actress who has appeared in the 2009 short Storm at a Distance and 2012's Nothing Without You

On June 29, 2012, it was announced that Tom and Katie were divorcing. The two were married for five years. 

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