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The Bridges Family
Beau, Lloyd, & Jeff Bridges
Beau, Lloyd, & Jeff Bridges
Actors Jeff Bridges (1998's The Big Lebowski, 1999's Arlington Road) and Beau Bridges are the sons of actor Lloyd Bridges. The boys made their acting debut opposite their father on the TV series Sea Hunt, which ran from 1957 to 1961. Beau and Jeff both starred in the 1989 film The Fabulous Baker Boys. Lloyd's wife (and Jeff and Beau's mother) is late actress Dorothy Dean Bridges. Dorothy appeared opposite her husband and sons in a 1958 episode of Sea Hunt. She also appeared in the 1986 TV movie The Thanksgiving Promise (directed by/starring Beau and featuring her grandson Jordan), and in the 1994 TV movie Secret Sins of the Father, which starred Lloyd, Jordanm and Beau (who also directed). Dorothy played Jeff's character's mother in the 1989 movie See You in the Morning. Dorothy and Lloyd's daughter, (and Jeff and Beau's sister), actress Cindy Bridges, appeared on a 1962 episode of The Lloyd Bridges Show and in the 2000 film Meeting Daddy, which starred Lloyd and Beau. Beau starred with his father and his son, Dylan Bridges, on an episode of Showtime's The Outer Limits in 1995. Dylan also appeared in 1987's The Wild Pair, which was starred Lloyd and was directed by/starred his father, and the 1996 TV movie A Stranger to Love, which happened to star his father and brother Jordan. Beau's son, Jordan Bridges (2003's Mona Lisa Smile), is an actor who has had roles in TV shows like Dawson's Creek and Charmed.

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