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The DeVitos & The Perlmans
Rhea Perlman and husband Danny DeVito playing husband and wife in "Matilda."
Danny & Rhea's daughter Lucy DeVito on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia."

Actor Danny DeVito ("Louie De Palma" on Taxi, Batman Returns, Twins, Throw Momma from the Train) and actress Rhea Perlman ("Carla Tortelli" on Cheers) have been married since 1982. They have appeared together in Hot Dogs for Gauguin (1972), Selling of Vince D'Angelo (1976), Swap Meet (1979), Likely Stories, Vol. 2 (1983), The Ratings Game (1984), Happily Ever After (1985), Two Daddies? (1989), Matilda (1996), and 10 Items or Less (2006). Rhea also appeared on five episodes of Taxi between 1979-1982.

Rhea's sister, Heide Perlman, is a producer/writer whose credits include 17 episodes of Cheers.

Philip Perlman, Rhea's father, has appeared in a number of his daughter and son-in-law's projects, such as Throw Momma from the Train, The War of the Roses (starring Danny), Other People's Money (also starring Danny), 1992's Class Act (starring Rhea), 27 episodes of Cheers, 1998's Out of Sight (produced by Danny), Man on the Moon (starring Danny), 2000's Drowning Mona (starring Danny), 2003's Duplex (directed by Danny), 2006's Even Money (starring/produced by Danny), and a 2006 episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which happens to star...Danny.

Rhea and Danny's daughter, actress Lucy DeVito (TV's Melissa & Joey, 2009's Leaves of Grass, 2012's Sleepwalk with Me), has had parts in 2007's The Good Night and Nobel Son, 2008's Just Add Water, and two episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, all of which starred her father. 

Lucy's sister, Gracie DeVito, produced 2006's My Girlfriend's Abroad and 2007's short film Bloom, in which Rhea stars. 

Lucy and Gracie's brother, Daniel J. DeVito, appeared in 2005's Pieces of a Dream

In October 2012, Danny and Rhea announced their plans to divorce, ending their marriage of 30 years. 

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