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The Bu˝uels, Real and Surreal
Diego Bu˝uel, co-host of "Les Nouveaux Explorateurs"
Late Spanish filmmaker Luis Bu˝uel
Diego Buñuel, filmmaker and globetrotting host of the National Geographic Channel's Don't Tell My Mother series, is the grandson of Spanish filmmaker Luis Buñuel. Luis and college chum Salvador Dalí first established themselves among the Surrealist movement with the 1929 short film Un chien andalou, which jettisoned traditional narrative for disturbing Freudian imagery presented through free association.  Luis's filmmaking career lasted almost until his death in 1983, and he continued to use surrealistic elements and non-traditional narrative techniques in his work. His films won multiple awards, including the Cannes Film Festival's Palme d'Or (for 1961's Viridiana) and the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film (for 1972's Le charme discret de la bourgeoisie ).  The younger Buñuel, who grew up in France, was eight years old when his grandfather died.  Diego entered television reporting as a war correspondent after being stationed in Sarajevo in 2000 during his French military service.  For five years he covered the world's hot spots, from Afghanistan to Kuwait.  He coined the name for his Nat Geo series after repeatedly asking co-workers not to tell his mother where he was going for his dangerous assignments. Travel enthusiast Diego also co-hosts the French TV series Les Nouveaux Explorateurs.     

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