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Barbra Streisand & Family
Elliott Gould
Barbra Streisand
Jason Gould(right) in "Prince of Tides"
Superstar singer/actress/producer/director Barbra Streisand (Funny GirlYentlHello, Dolly!The Mirror Has Two Faces ) is the sister of actress Roslyn Kind (I'm Going to Be Famous, 1983), who had an uncredited appearance in her sister's 1976 film A Star is Born. Barbra's first marriage was to actor Elliott Gould (1969's Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, 1970's M.A.S.H., "Jack Gellar" on Friends, the Ocean's Eleven films). Their son, Jason Gould (1989's Say Anything...), is an actor who had an uncredited appearance as a child in 1972's Up the Sandbox (starring Barbra) and played Barbra's son in The Prince of Tides (1991). Barbra is currently married to nepotistic actor James Brolin. James and Elliott starred together in Capricorn One (1978). 

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