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Albert Brooks & Super Dave Osborne
Albert Brooks co-starred with Holly Hunter and William Hurt in 1987’s "Broadcast News."
Super Dave Osborne (actually Bob Einstein) on the cover of Canadian edition of "TV Guide" in 1989.
The Los Angeles Herald-Express published this 1958 photo taken moments before Harry Einstein suffered a fatal heart attack and collapsed into Milton Berle’s lap.

Hapless but hopeful stuntman "Super Dave Osborne" is actually comedian/ actor Bob Einstein,     who got his start as a writer for the Smothers Brothers in the 1960s. Bob is the brother of Academy Award-nominated actor  Albert Brooks (born Albert Einstein). In addition to his Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for 1987's Broadcast News, Albert played "Tom" in the 1976 classic Taxi Driver, Goldie Hawn's short-lived husband in 1980's Private Benjamin, and "Lenny Botwin" in the 2008 season of Weeds. He received critical acclaim for his role as gangster "Bernie Rose" in 2011's Drive. Additionally, Brooks has voiced parts on TV's The Simpsons and as Nemo's dad in the 2003 animated blockbuster Finding Nemo.

The famous parents of this talented duo were singer/ actress Thelma Leeds (The Toast of New York, 1937) and comedian Harry Einstein, who met during the filming of New Faces of 1937. Harry's stage name was Harry Parke, but he was most famous for his English-mangling Greek character "Parkyakarkas," a role he played in eleven movies in the ‘30s and ‘40s.  In 1958, Harry suffered a fatal heart attack onstage at the Friar's Club Roast of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz in Hollywood. (Einstein slumped over into the lap of comedian Milton Berle, and the audience initially thought it was part of the act.) Harry's son by his first marriage, Charles Einstein, was a sportswriter whose 1953 novel The Bloody Spur inspired Fritz Lang's 1956 film While the City Sleeps.

In 1981, Thelma played the character of real-life son Albert's mother in the film Modern Romance. Albert paid homage to his mother again with a film loosely-based on Thelma, 1996's comedy Mother. Albert directed and starred in this film, with actress Debbie Reynolds taking on the title role.        

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