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Jackie Gleason & Family
"Honeymooners" star Jackie Gleason is Jason Patric's grandfather
Jason Patric in 1996's "Sleepers" (second from left)

The Honeymooners star Jackie Gleason is the father of actress Linda Miller (1980s series The Mississippi), and the grandfather of actor Jason Patric (1987's The Lost Boys, 1996's Sleepers, 2004's The Alamo, 2009's My Sister's Keeper)Jason's father (and Linda's ex-husband), actor/playwright Jason Miller (1987's Light of Day), won the 1973 Pulitzer Prize for Drama for the play That Championship Season. He is also well-known as "Father Damien Karras" in the 1973 classic The Exorcist, a role for which he earned an Academy Award nomination. Jason Miller is also the father of Jason Patric's half-brother, actor/writer Joshua John Miller (1989's Teen Witch). Joshua has had articles published in Playboy Magazine and Harper's Bazaar. Linda appeared with Joshua in the 1985 TV series Highway to Heaven.

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