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Stymie's Gang
Matthew Beard played "Stymie" in the "Our Gang" short films.
Matthew & Betty Jane's mother, Johnnie Mae Beard, played their mother in the "Our Gang" short films.
Matthew's sister Betty Jane Beard played a little boy named "Hector" in two "Our Gang" films.

Matthew Beard was a child actor best known for his role as "Stymie" in Hal Roach's Our Gang short films from 1930 to 1935. He appeared in 90 films and television series. In the Our Gang films, his character sported an oversize derby hat given to him by comedian Stan Laurel. After he left the series in 1935, he had minor roles in feature films, including Captain Blood and The Return of Frank James with Jackie Cooper, an Our Gang alumnus.

Four of Matthew's family appeared in the Our Gang comedies. His younger sister Betty Jane Beard preceded him in the gang. She ws dressed as a boy and played "Farina's" little brother "Hector" in two films.

Another younger sister, Carlena Beard, appeared as his younger sister in three shorts.

His younger brother, Bobbie Beard, appeared for two years as his younger brother "Cotton."

To top things off, his mother, Johnnie Mae Beard, appeared as (what else?) his mother in two of the series. She was the only family member besides Matthew who had a speaking part.

Later, one other Beard family member, Matthew's younger brother Renee Beard, appeared in two of Hal Roach's Our Gang-derived featurettes of the 1940s.    

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