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David Mamet & Family
Lindsay Crouse and David Mamet's daughter, Zosia Mamet, on HBO's "Girls."
Zosia's mom and David's ex-wife, Lindsay Crouse, on a 2000 episode of "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer."
David's wife Rebecca Pidgeon in his 2000 film "State and Main."

Television and movie writer/director/producer David Mamet has cast wife Rebecca Pidgeon in most of his work. She has had roles in several of her husband's projects, including 1997's The Spanish Prisoner, 1999's The Winslow Boy, 2000's State and Main, 2001's Heist, 2008's Redbelt, and TV's The Unit. Rebecca's brother Matthew Pidgeon is an actor who also appeared in The Winslow Boy.

David's sister Lynn Mamet is a producer whose credits include 36 episodes of The Unit.

David also often cast his now ex-wife Lindsay Crouse. Lindsay starred in David's directorial debut, the 1987 film House of Games, as well as in an episode of the series Hill Street Blues written by David. Lindsay starred on that particular episode as well as numerous additional episodes of the show as "Officer McBride."

David and Lindsay's daughter, Zosia Mamet (HBO's Girls, 2010's The Kids Are All Right), is an actress whose first onscreen credit was in the 1994 TV movie Parallel Lives, in which her mother starred. Zosia has appeared in popular TV series such as The Unit (David's show), United States of Tara, Parenthood, and Mad Men. She also had a role in 2004's Spartan, which was written and directed by her father and co-starred her father's half-brother Tony Mamet. Zosia's three Girls co-stars, Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, and Jemima Kirke, also have nepotistic connections. 

Tony has appeared in several of David's other projects as well, including 1991's Homicide, The Spanish Prisoner, 2000's Lakeboat and State and Main, and 2008's Redbelt

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