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From SNL's Lorne Michaels to Superman's Joe Shuster
"Saturday Night Live" creator/writer/producer Lorne Michaels on a 1977 episode.
Joe Shuster (front), co-creator of "Superman," was a relative of Lorne's first wife, former "SNL" writer Rosie Shuster.
Former "SNL" writer (and Lorne's ex-wife) Rosie Shuster is the daughter of Frank Shuster (right), part of the Canadian comedy duo Wayne & Shuster.

Neil Levy, cousin of Saturday Night Live creator/writer/producer Lorne Michaels, worked as the SNLtalent coordinator from 1977-1985. Neil also appeared in various sketches on 46 episodes of SNL during that time.

Lorne's young daughter Sophie Michaels (by his third and current marriage) has also appeared in a number of SNL sketches.

Lorne's second wife, Susan Forristal, appeared in a 1979 SNL-related video that Lorne executive produced. They were married from 1981-87. During that time and since, she's appeared in quite a few movies featuring SNL alumni, including Paul Simon's One Trick Pony, Tom Hanks' Bonfire of the Vanities, Steve Martin's L.A. Story, Eddie Murphy's The Distinguished Gentleman, and Dan Ackroyd's Getting Away With Murder.

Lorne's first wife was comedy writer Rosie Shuster, whose first writing credit was a 1971 Canadian TV comedy special that starred Lorne. They were married two years later, but divorced in 1980. Despite the divorce, Susan remained a writer on SNL from its first season in 1975 until 1988. She also appeared on 37 episodes of SNL and had a small part in 1980's The Blues Brothers, based on the SNL characters of the same name.

Rosie was the daughter of writer/comedian Frank Shuster, half of Canadian comedy duo "Wayne & Shuster," which first rose to fame during World War II. During an 11-year period beginning in 1958, they set a record by appearing on The Ed Sullivan Show 67 times. They continued in a series of CBS specials into the 1980s (many segments of which are available for viewing on YouTube). As a fellow Canadian, Lorne Michaels would have been especially aware of, and potentially influenced by, their style of sketch comedy.

Frank's cousin was early comic book artist Joe Shuster, the co-creator of Superman. The two men were born in Toronto five years apart. Rosie co-wrote the 1988 TV special Superman 50th Anniversary

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